2017 All NEP Camp Series Teams

The 2017 NEP Fall Camp Series featured players from the 2018-2022 classes. Over 280 players from 19 states and 6 countries participated at the NEP Showcases held in  St Louis MO, Lawrence KS and Columbus OH. Below we listed the All NEP Fall Camp Series Teams for 2017.

First Team

Jaemyn Brakefield 6’9 SF Jackson MS
Ty Freeman 6’7 SF Springfield MO
Quinn Slazinski 6’8 SF Houston TX
Jonathan Kuminga 6’8 SF Huntington WV
Mario McKinney 6’3 G St Louis MO

2nd Team

 Jeremiah Francis 2019 6’2 PG, Pickerington OH
Cam Fletcher 2020 6’6 SF St.Louis MO
Jordan Nesbitt 2020 6’5 WG St.Louis MO
EJ Liddell 2019 6’7 F Belleville IL
Jonathan McGriff 2019 5’10 PG, Forestville MD

3rd Team

  Lamel Robinson 2019 6’1 PG, Park Hill MO
 Caleb Love 2020 6’3 SG St.Louis MO
Zach Loveday 2020 7’0 PF, Gallipolis OH
Terrance Hargrove 2019 6’6 SF East St.Louis IL

Mike Saunders Jr 2020 5’11, PG Indianpolis IN

 4th Team

 JT Thor 2021 6’7 SF, Anchorage AK
KT Raimey 2020 6’5 SG Olathe KS
Julian Newman 2020 5’6, PG Orlando FL
Michael Wardy 2018 6’6 SF Lincoln, NE
Dontarius James 6’7 SG Kershaw SC
5th Team
Johnathon Jackson 2020 6’5 SG Lawrence KS
Montorie Foster 2020 6’2, CG Cleveland OH
Jackie Johnson 2021 5’10 PG Wichita KS
Jonathan Dunn 2021 6’7 PF Maryland MO
Saadique Perkins 2018 6’3 G Kansas City MO
  Honorable Mention 
Markell Hood 2020 6’6 SF Overland Park KS
 Trey Quaterbaum 2019 6’2 CG Lawrence KS
 Jeremy Baker 2020 6’2 SG, Kokomo IN
 Zach Carr 2018 6’1 SG Dayton OH
 Courtland Soll 2019 6’2 G Florissant MO

Class of 2020 Midwest Top 60 Player Rankings


Class of 2020 Midwest Top 60 Player Rankings


1.Jalen Suggs 6’5 G St. Paul MN 

2. N’Faly Dante 6’11 Bel Aire KS

3. Isaiah Jackson 6’8 SF Old Redford Academy MI 

4.Jalen Johnson 6’7 G  Sun Prarrie WI 

5. Adam Miller 6’4 G Chicago IL 

6.Xavier Foster 6’9  OskaIoosa IA  

7. Jalen Terry 6’1 G Flint MI

8. Zach Loveday 7’0 Gallia OH 

9.DJ Steward 6’1 G Oak Park IL 

10. Cam’Ron Fletcher 6’6 SG St Louis MO

11.Ty Berry 6’1 G Newton KS 

12. Davion Bradford 6’9 F St Louis MO

13. Mabor Majak 7’1 C Indianapolis IN 

14. Carlos Johnson 6’6 F Benton Harbor MI

15. Lamonte Daughtery 6’6 SF DuQuoin IL

16. Jamari Sibley 6’9 PF Milwaukee WI

17. Caleb Love 6’4 SG St Louis MO

18. Dominiq Penn 5’11 G Dublin OH

19. Grant Huffman 6’3 G Cleveland OH 

20. Trey Galloway 6’3 SG Indianapolis IN 

21. John Hughley 6’8 PF Cleveland OH 

22. Dawson Garcia 6’10 F Prior Lake MN  

23. Nimari Burnett 5’11 G Chicago IL 

 24.Tyler Beard 6’2 G Chicago IL 

 25.Johnathan Jackson 6’5 G Lawrence KS

26. Mike Saunders Jr 6’1 PG Indianapolis IN 

27. Elliot Sieger 6’1 PG Chicago IL 

28. Devontae Blanton 6’6 F Cleveland OH 

29. Kobe Clark 6’4 G St Louis MO 

30. KT Raimey 6’5 PG Olathe KS 

31.  Garvin Clarke 6’0 PG Euclid OH

32. Alex Antetokounmpo 6’5 Milwaukee WI 

33. Isaiah Rivera 6’5 SG Geneseo IL

34. Ethan Kilgore 6’6 SF East Buchaanan MO

35. Ben Carlson 6’9 F St. Paul MN 

36. Reece Beekman 6’1 G Milwaakee WI

37. Andrew Welage 6’5 SG Greensburg IN

38. Matt Allocco 6’0 G Hilliard OH

39.Dain Dainja 6’8 F Park Center MN

40. Luke Kasubke 6’6 G (St. Louis MO

41. Hunter Jackson 5’11 G Indianapolis IN

42. Andy Barba 6’6 SG Brnedictine OH 

43. Gabe Madsen 6’4 G Rochester MN

44. Tyson Acuff 6’2 Detroit MI 

45. Terry Locket 6’1 PG St Paul MN 

46. Isaac Lindsey 6’2 G Mineral Point WI 

47. Jamani Jones 6’1 G Kentwood MI 

48. Montorie Foster 6’1 CG Cleveland OH 

49. Jordan Niesbitt 6’5 SG St Louis MO

50. Blaise Beauchamp 6’0 G Hopkins MN

51. Wendell Green Jr 5’11 G Detroit Co MI

52.  Zeb Jackson 5’10 G Maumee Valley OH

53. JoJo Fulcher 6’2 G Pickerington OH

54Jaylin Richardson 6’3 G Overland Park  KS 

55.  Lorne Bowman 6’2 PG Orchard Lake MI

56Dylan Branson 6’3 G St Louis MO 

57. John Shanklin 6’7 F Bellevue NE 

58. Zach Lasek 6’8 F Ainsworth IA 

59. Jackson Ames 6’10 Batavia OH 

60.Kerwin Walton 6’1 G Hopkins MN 

Midwest Showcase St Louis Top 24

NEP’s first annual St. Louis Midwest Showcase was loaded with prospects from 9 states. It had some of the most talented players from across the Midwest basketball landscape, and possibly the most talent to play in a St. Louis camp in 2017 outside of Nike Top 100. Here’s a look at this year’s MVP winners and Top 20 standout performers and prospects.

Ty Freeman 2019 6’7 SF Springfield, MO
Ty Freeman took home the 2019 class MVP. Freeman was in highlight mode attacking and finishing above the rim every chance he got taking it to defenders with no hesitation. Freeman played with a great amount of energy making big plays on both sides of the ball often blocking shots and running the court to finish the same play on offense. Freeman shows the ability to score at a high rate on all three levels. Freeman possesses a high-caliber combination of athleticism, ball skills and perimeter shooting.
Jordan Nesbitt 2020 6’5 WG St. Louis, MO
Few prospects in this year’s camp show the potential that wing guard Jordan Nesbitt showed while earning the 2020 class MVP honors. Nesbitt took over during multiple games scoring in bunches and taking defenders off of the dribble while finishing around the rim at a high rate. Nesbitt has all the physical tools and skills to become high major scoring guard recruit.
Johnathan Dunn 2021 6’7 PF Maryland, MO
Few young post prospects are able to produce on the level that Jonathan Dunn did during this year’s Midwest Showcase while taking home the 2021 class MVP award. Dunn showed great explosiveness around the rim finishing above the rim regularly. Dunn has many of the tools to make contributions rebounding and defending the paint at a high level. Dunn has great upside and is a prospect to keep a eye on in the future.
Rob Martin Jr. 2022 5’8 PG St. Louis, MO
Rob Martin Jr. played at high level throughout the camp taking home the 2022 class MVP honors. Martin has great playmaking ability, is able to create off of the dribble and is a skilled shooter from the perimeter. Martin’s basketball IQ is beyond his years Martin uses isolation dribble moves  to get by defenders with ease and finishes at a very high rate.
EJ Liddell 2019 6’7 F Belleville, IL
EJ Liddell had the best inside /outside scoring skill set of any player at the camp. Liddell made contributions all over the court showing a high basketball IQ and playing a winning brand of basketball. Liddell’s performance showed why he is considered one of the top frontcourt prospects in the country.
Cam Fletcher 2020 6’6 WG St. Louis, MO
By far the biggest surprise of the camp was the high-level play of Vashon wing Cam Fletcher who was a dominant force. Fletcher showed great potential and production creating off of the dribble to get his midrange shot off or get to the rim. Fletcher has the skill, frame and upside of a Top 75 National Player and should continue to gain more national attention as his game developes.Fletcher already holds HM offers and that list will continue to grow over the next year.
Mario McKinney 2019 6’2 G St. Louis, MO
Mario McKinney displayed his high caliber skill set scoring at will from all 3 levels and settong up teamates for highlight plays on the break.McKinney is a high-major recruit holding several offers and showed why he is considered one of the top combo guards in the country.
Caleb Love 2020 6’3 SG St. Louis,MO
Love possesses a prototype scoring guard skill-set with his ability to attack the rim off the dribble to create for himself and others. Love plays both sides of the ball at a high level and played with great aggressiveness putting up major numbers throughout the camp. Love does everything well including knocking down open jumpers and makes winning plays.
Tiki Samuna 2022 6’10 C St. Louis, MO
Few post prospects showed the potential that Tiki Samuna did during the Midwest showcase. Standing 6’10 ,Samuna led the camp in block shots showing great defensive instincts and agility for a young post prospect.Samuna alsoshowed that he takes pride in not letting others score against him. Samuna has great length, size, good motor and has all the physical tools to develop into a high major frontcourt recruit.
Courtland Soll 2019 6’2 G Florissan, MO
Soll was one of the most complete and skilled prospects at the combo guard position at the St. Louis Showcase. Soll was aggressive on both sides of the ball making plays. Soll does a good job of producing winning plays that make his team better.
Terrance Hargrove 2019 6’6 SF East St. Louis, IL
Terrance Hargrove was a high flyer playing above the rim often. Hargrove showed possibly more upside than any other prospect at the vent and has the chance to blow up on the national scene with his combination of  elite athletism. IQ and shooting ability.During the event, Hargrove was excellent at spaced the floor and running to the open spots in transition leading to hughlight dunks.
George Madison 2019 6’4 SG Evansville, IN
George Madison was very productive on both ends durring the event. Madison plays with great aggressiveness on both sides of the ball while, creating opportunities with his defense and finishing at a high rate offensively. Madison also showed major bounce finishing well above the rim.
Luke Kasubke 2020 6’5 SG St. Louis, MO

Kasubke was one the most consistent and skilled guard prospects during the camp.  Kasubke made the extra pass and played to win. Kasubke showed a high basketball IQ with his game play game at the camp, knocking down shots from the perimeter with ease.

Josh Wallace 2019 6’6 F Florissant, MO
Josh Wallace had a major impact on both sides of the ball scoring as well as defending with great efficiency showing great communication skills. Wallace has a high caliber frontcourt skill set and many of the tools coaches look for.
Luther Taylor 2019 6’4 WG Florissant, MO
One of the top 2019 wing prospects in this year’s Midwest Showcase was scoring guard Luther Taylor. Taylor played at a high level getting to the rim and finishing often. Taylor has good athletism, body control while attacking the rim and basketball IQ.
Will Shumpert 2019 6’5  SF St.Louis, MO
Will Shumpert showed solid perimeter touch, good dexterity and good athleticism. Shumpert showed he can put the ball on the floor and create his own offense from all 3 levels.
Sean Pierre Kennedy 2020 6’6 PF St. Louis, MO
Sean Pierre Kennedy showed solid post touch, good basketball IQ and solid athleticism. Kennedy was one of the top post deffenders in attendence and always makes the plays you need to win games. Kennedy has a good overall frontcourt skill set and should continue to develop into solid prospect.
Seth Beussink 2019 6’9 PF/C Jackson, MO
Seth Beussink  had a solid overall impact, he knew his role and played it well and put up good production. Beussink has the size and shooting touch that colleges coaches seek out in frontcourt recruits.
Dominique Hardimon 2019 6’3 WF Poplar Bluff, MO
 Hardimon was very active on both ends of the floor provinding defense and energy. Hardimon is built like a linebacker and was able to use his strong frame to get to his spots on offense.
Jessy Lunga 2022 6’8 F St. Louis, MO
 Lunga is a young prospect with major upside. Standing around 6’8 with a nice frame and nice touch out to 15ft. Lunga has all the tools to develop into a D1 caliber player over the next few years.
Chanze Caruso 2019 6’0 PG St. Louis MO
 Caruso was one of the top point guards at the event usuing his advanced basketball IQ and smooth style of play to create easy buckets for teamates throughout the day. Caruso is very good at balancing when to score and when to disribute from the lead gyard spot.
Donyae McCaskill 2019 6’2 G St. Louis,MO
McCaskill is tough scoring guard who produced multiple highlight reel dunks during the event. McCaskill was excellent in transition showcasing his speed and athleticism.
Mario Flemming 2021 6’1 G St Louis
Flemming looked the part of the top guard prospect in the 2021 group. Flemming was able to put up big scoring numbers, showing he can score with ease from all 3 levels.
Keyyaun Batchman 2019 6’2 Florissant MO
Batchman had an extremely productive camp using his strong frame to finish at the rim and also showed hes a very effective 3pt shooter and facilitator.

NEP Ohio Fall Showcase Top 20 Prospects

NEP Hoops first Ohio Fall Showcase was loaded with prospects from 14 states. The NEP Ohio Showcase had more talent in the building than any other Fall camp. Here’s a look at the top 20 standout prospects from  this year’s Ohio Fall Showcase

Jaemyn Brakefield 2020 6’9 SF, Jackson, MS
Brakefield showed more high level potential than any prospect at the Ohio Fall Showcase displaying his combination of  athleticism, elite skill set, and high basketball IQ. Few prospects in the 2020 class nationally have the combination of skills that Brakefield possesses with his size and agility. Brakefield has all the physical attributes that college/pro coaches seek out in high major combo forwards. What is most exciting about Brakefield is that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his full potential. Brakefield has the chance to become the number one overall prospect in the 2020 class nationally.
Quinn Slazinski 2019 6’8 F, Houston, TX
One of the  most complete overall prospect at this year’s Ohio Fall Showcase was forward Quinn Slazinski. Slazinski possesses a high-caliber point forward skill set and elite basketball IQ. Slazinski showed a combination of playmaking, perimeter shooting and defensive versatility. Slazinski played at high level throughout the camp earning the 2019 MVP honors.
Jonathan Kuminga 2021 6’8 SF,  New York, NY
The most dominant scoring wing during the camp was forward Johnathan Kuminga. Kuminga scored from all three levels and dominated the boards from the wing position. One of the top rated prospects at the camp , Kuminga played at high level earning the 2021 class MVP award.  Kuminga made highlight dunks look effortless finishing around the above the rim at a high rate. Kuminga is one of the elite prospects in 2021 class nationally and should become a house hold name among scouts in the near future.
Jeremiah Francis 2019 6’3 PG, Pickerington, OH
Jeremiah Francis was one of the top guard prospects in this year’s Ohio Fall Showcase. Francis is the top 2019 guard prospect in Ohio and he looked the part. Francis played at a high level getting to the rim and finishing in transition and turning defense into offense. Francis has great upper body strength, body control and basketball IQ.
Johnathan McGriff 2019 5’10 PG, Forestville, MD
Johnathan McGriff played a higher level on both ends of the floor than any other guard at the Ohio Fall Showcase.  McGriff made countless plays for others in the open court as well as half court. McGriff was unstoppable most of the event proving why he is considered one of the top play makers and ball handlers in the class .
Julian Newman 2020 5’6 PG, Orlando, FL
One of the top scoring PG prospects during the camp was Orlando native YouTube sensation Julian Newman. Newman put defenders on skates often and was not afraid to attack the bigs around the rim in traffic. Newman scorred 32 pts in his second game of the day, proving to be the game high for any player at the event.   Newman posseses a rare combination of ball skills, scoring intangibles and confidence that allow him to get buckets at a high rate.
Zach Carr 2018 6’1 SG, Dayton, OH
No prospect was as hot from deep as 2018 MVP shooting guard, Zach Carr. Carr performed at a high level finishing as one of the leading scores of the camp. Carr made over a dozen shots from deep and could not miss on the catch and shoot, shooting a high percentage from behind the arc. A prospect who was not greatly anticipated had one of the best performances of the camp.
 Zach Loveday 2020 6’11 PF, Gallipolis, OH
The most skilled shooter from the perimeter at the four position at the camp was Zack Loveday. Loveday has a very high demand skill set with his ability to stretch the court with his great shooting touch from the perimeter. Loveday showed ability to compete at a high level against players his size, or caliber and was one of the top prospects in the camp.
 Mike Saunders Jr 2020 6’0 PG, Indianpolis, IN
Mike Saunders has the full package able to create off the dribble for himself and others get to the rim with effectiveness as well as finish around the rim in traffic amongst the bigs. Saunders has great combination of body control around the rim, ball skills, quickness and playmaking ability.
Montorie Foster 2020 6’2 CG, Cleveland, OH 
Montorie Foster was one of the biggest surprises of this year’s Ohio Fall Showcase. Foster was all over the court making plays on both sides of the ball often turning defense to offense, attacking in transition and making the most of every play. Foster possesses a high-caliber combination of athleticism, ball skills and finishing ability. A prospect who played with a certain degree of fearlessness was unstoppable during the game portion, regularly getting to the rim at will.
Marcus Watson Jr 2020 6’1 PG, Chicago, IL
Marcus Watson is one of the top young point guard prospects from Chicago and showcased his elite passing skill set at the Ohio Fall Showcase. Watson possesses a pure point guard skill-set his ability to make plays for others with great effectiveness and efficiency. Watson played under control making the smart plays while attacking the defense in transition.
Gabriel Wuor 6’11 PF 2020, Las Vegas, NV 
Wuor defended the rim and rebounded at a high-level often rejecting opponent shots guards and other post players. Wuor also showed the ability to play above the rim on the offensive end,finishing above the rim in transition. Wuor has many of the attributes coaches seek out in division one post prospects.
JT Thor 2021 6’8 F, Anchorage, AK
JT Thor was a prospect that showed unlimited potential at the Ohio Fall Showcase. Thor has a elite combination of agility, dexterity, ball skills and size. He is able to impact the game at a high level without the ball in his hands. Thor’s strength’s were running the court and rebounding  on both ends. One of the most versatile prospects in the building, Thor has all the physical attributes to develop into a high-caliber D1 foward  prospect.
Jackson Ames 2020 6’10 PF/C, Batavia, OH
Jackson Ames had a major impact on both sides of the ball scoring as well as defending with great efficiency. Ames is a skilled pure post blessed with size and a solid frame. Ames showed solid production with a double, double in two of his three games.
Dan Gross 2018 6’3 SG, Charlotte, NC
Dan Gross was the most explosive guard prospect at the Ohio Fall Showcase with his elite jumping ability. Gross dunked on unsuspecting defenders on multiple occations and had over 20 dunks during the event. Gross possesses a good combination of athleticism, energy and basketball IQ.
Jeremy Baker 2020 6’2 SG, Kokomo, IN
Jeremy Baker played with great aggressiveness. Baker stayed in attack mode attacking the defense whenever he got a chance often finishing in traffic amongst the bigs with contact. Baker has a strong upper body and knows how to use it to finish in traffic. Baker was one of the top performers in the camp and one of the best finishers in the building.
Josh Corbin 2019 6’3 SG, Blacklick, OH
Josh Corbin was one of the most skilled wing guard prospects in the camp. Corbin showed a very complete skill set with his ability to attack off of the dribble, finish around the rim in traffic and knock down jumpers from outside. Corbin was deadly off the catch and shoot and should recieve more HM attention in the near future.
Dontarius James 2018 6’7 SF, Kershaw, SC
Dontarius James was one of the most complete forward prospects during the camp . James made it all look easy scoring all over the court and dominating the boards from the wing position.
Jaidon Lipscomb  2019 6’1 CG, Pickerington, OH
Jaidon Lipscomb is a scorer with elite shooting range. Lipscomb was one of the best shooters at camp making many shots from 23ft or better. Lipscomb was able to get a shot off the dribble as well as spacing the floor in transition for open looks.
Connor Macaig 2020 6’2 SG, Pickerington, OH
Macaig is a jack of all trades guard who can shoot, facilitate and defend at a high rate. Macaig has a good combination of quick release shooting range from the perimeter and good ball skills. Macaig knows how to play and displayed leadership and an advanced  basketball IQ.

3rd Annual KC Fall Ball Top 20

Third annual Northern Exposure Prep Kansas City Fall Ball Invitational Top 20 Stand Out Performers.

By Aaron Edwards 

 This year’s group of talented prospects showed the great depth of high caliber players in the greater Kansas City area. This group put on a show playing at high level and playing real basketball rarely seen in camps settings competing on both sides of the ball playing hard til the end of the camp. Here is a look at the top 20 performers at this years Fall Ball Invitational.
Lamel Robinson 2019 6’1 PG Kansas City, MO  
This year’s co most valuable player was awarded to Park Hill junior point guard Lamel Robinson who’s game was in full effect with his excellent game play during this year’s camp. Robinson scored from deep and in the paint. Robinson has continued to develop into a high caliber point guard prospect, and has been to all three Kansas City Fall Balls.
KT Raimey 2020 6’5 SG Olathe, KS 
This year’s co most valuable players was awarded to KT Raimey who put on a show with his great athleticism and skills. Raimey’s ability to create off of the dribble breaking down defenders was on full display putting defenders in the mix and leaving them in the dust. Raimey showed his ability to score on all three levels making shots from behind the arc, pulling up from mid-range, attacking the rim and finishing around the rim at a high rate.
Jonathan Jackson 2020 6’4 SG  Lawrence, KS
One of the most complete guard prospects during this year’s camp Johnathan Jackson showed a high-level wing guard skill set. Jackson played a winning brand of basketball making plays for others, taking the open looks and showing high-level basketball IQ. He has a great deal of potential with an elite combination of skill, size and athleticism.
Markell Hood 2020 6’6 SF Overland Park, KS   
One of the most impressive prospects during this year’s camp Markell Hood was on a mission putting up big time numbers. Hood showed the full package scoring from all over the court and was unstoppable at some points during the camp taking over games from behind the arc. Hood played with great aggressiveness. This was an absolute breakout performance for him.
Chucky Hepburn 2021 6’1 PG Bellevue , NE
One of the most skilled point guard prospects in this year’s camp was Chucky Hepburn. Hepburn played with great assertiveness making the right basketball play while still consistently attacking at all times. His game included everything; scoring, pushing the ball up court, taking rebounds and going end to end.
Jackie Johnson 2021 5’10 PG Wichita, KS
Jackie Johnson was one of the most aggressive guard prospects in the camp, who attacked the basket with little to no hesitation. He had a great quickness and knows how to use it. Whether he was taking defenders off of the dribble, pushing the break or finishing around the rim in traffic consistently. Jackie Johnson is a stud and possesses great potential.
Lonell Lane 2021 6’1 G Kansas City, MO
Arguably the biggest surprise of this year’s camp was the play of athletic combo guard Lonell Lane. Lane is a stud who has a great combination of athleticism, ball skills, play making and finishing ability around the rim. Lane used defenders regularly getting to the rim and finishing in traffic often with contact. Lane is underrated at this point and could soon be one of the top guard prospects in his class.
John Shanklin 2020 6’8 PF/C Bellevue, NE
The most skilled post prospect during this year’s camp was John Shanklin. Shanklin was a force in the paint throughout the camp defending the rim at a high rate rejecting shots regularly and controlling the boards. Shanklin showed the potential and production expected from a young defensive post stud. Shanklin possesses all the physical attributes to develop into a division one post prospect.
Trey Quaterbaum 6’2 CG Lawrence, KS 
One of the most complete guard prospects at the year’s camp was Trey Quaterbaum. Quarterbaum played a team game often giving up a good shot for a teammate to get the great shot. Quaterbaun has great ball skills, good shooting touch from the perimeter and makes his team better with his high basketball IQ.
Jaxson Pillich 2020 6’2 SG Wichita, KS
One of the most athletic guard prospects at this year’s camp was scoring guard Jaxson Pillich. Pillich was a force on both sides of the court turning defense to offense often. Few prospects played with the amount of energy that Pillich played with. Pillich made some amazing plays snatching rebounds and taking it end to end as well as putting a few major jams down in the process.
Braojon Barnes 2019 6’4 WG Kansas City, KS
A prospect who showed flashes of elite game play during this years camp was wing Braojon Barnes. Barnes has a great combination of size, skill and athletic ability at the wing position. Barnes was able to attack in transition and finishing in traffic with consistency.
Zack LaFave 2020 6’3 SF Elkhorn, NE
One of the most impressive prospects during this year’s camp was Zack LaFave who was all over the court. No other prospect played with the energy and hustle that LaFave did getting back on defense, crashing the glass on both sides of the court and making others players earn every bucket they got on or around him.
Courtland Soll 2019 6’2 G Florissant, MO
One of the most productive prospects during the camp Courtland Soll put up great numbers. Soll was consistently finding ways to score,  and was one of the leading scorers on his team. Soll ran the court well and finished around the rim at a high rate making things look easy.
Cameron Binder 2021 5’10 PG Table Rock, NE 
Cameron Binder did a little bit of everything. Binder knew what he was doing out there. He played smart ball throughout the camp took advantage of his opportunities with a very assertive style of play taking and making the open shots.
Deon’ta Tinker 2019 6’0 CG Wichita, KS 
No other guard prospect played above the rim as often as combo guard Deon’ta Tinker who attacked the rim every chance he got. Tinker was a force on the drive, running the court often beating the defense down court for easy buckets. Tinker has many of the physical attributes coaches seek out in a athletic scoring guard.
Zarian Navy 2020 6’2 SG Kansas City, MO
Zarain Navy played with great energy and competed on both sides of the ball. Navy has good athleticism and finishing ability around the rim. A great competitor, he played to win and made others pay for their mistakes on both sides of the ball.
Kahayden Hooks 2020 5’11 PG Lee’s Summit ,MO
Kahatden Hooks was one of the most aggressive guard prospects in the camp. Hooks attacking the basket with little to no hesitation. Hooks has good quickness and knows how to use it taking defenders off of the dribble, pushing the break and finishing around the rim in traffic consistently.
Tai Johnson 2020 6’2 G Wichita, KS
Johnson showed flashes of greatness with his game play during this years Fall Ball invitational. Johnson has a good combination of athleticism, ball skills and basketball IQ. Johnson was as good as most players on this list.
Cougar Dowling 2020 5’10 PG Atchingson, KS
One of the most skilled scoring lead guard was Cougar Dowling. Cougar played both sides of the ball with aggressiveness often turning defense to offense. Dowling has good ball skills, can take defenders off of the dribble and finishing ability around the rim.
Levi Braun 2019 6’3 SG Topeka, KS  
One of the most powerful prospects during this year’s camp was Levi Braun making plays all over the place. Braun played with the energy and hustle getting back on defense, crashing the glass on both sides of the court and making plays for others players and made his team better. Braun showed he can knock down shots from all over the court and proved to be one of the best catch and shoot prospects at the event.

Class of 2020 All Midwest Spring/Summer Teams

1st Team

Jalen Suggs 6’4 G (St. Paul MN) Grassroots Sizzle

Ty Berry 6’1 G (Newton KS) KC Run GMC

Mabor Majak 7’1 C (Indianapolis IN) Indi Elite

Jalen Johnson 6’7 G ( Sun Prarrie WI) Playground Warriors

 Adam Miller 6’2 G (Peoria IL) Mac Irvin Fire

2nd Team

DJ Steward 6’1 G (Oak Park IL) Meansteets

Xavier Foster 6’9 ( OskaIoosa IA ) Pure Prep 

Carlos Johnson 6’6 F (Benton Harbor MI) The Family

N’Faly Dante 6’11 (Bel Aire KS) MOKAN

 Nimari Burnett 6’3 G (Chicago IL) Mac Irvin Fire 

3rd Team 

 Hunter Jackson 5’11 G (Indianapolis IN) G3 Grind

Grant Huffman 6’3 G (Cleveland OH ) OBC

Davion Bradford 6’10 F/C (St. Louis MO) Bradley Beal Elite

John Hughley 6’8 F (Cleveland OH) All Ohio Red

Johnathan Jackson 6’4 G (Lawrence KS) MOKAN

4th Team 

Luke Kasubke 6’6 G (St. Louis MO) Bradley Beal Elite

Jalen Terry 6’1 G (Flint MI) The Family

Devontae Blanton 6’6 F (Cleveland OH) All Ohio Red

 Tyler Beard 6’2 G (Chicago IL) Meanstreets 

Dominiq Penn 5’11 G (Dublin OH) All Ohio Red

Honorable Mention

Rashad McDaniels 5’11 G (St. Louis MO) MOKAN, Ethan Kilgore 6’6 SF (East Buchaanan MO) KC Run GMC, Matt Allocco 6’0 G (Hilliard OH) All Ohio Red, KT Raimey 6’3 G ( Olathe KS) KC Run GMC, Blaise Beauchamp 6’0 G (Hopkins MN) Howard Pulley, Ben Carlson 6’9 F (St. Paul MN) D1 MN, Isaac Lindsey 6’2 G (Mineral Point WI) WI Shooters, Dain Dainja 6’8 F (Park Center MN) D1 MN, Trey Galloway 6’2 G (Culver IN) George Hill Rising Stars, Caleb Love 6’3 G ( St. Louis MO) Bradley Beal Elite, JoJo Fulcher 6’1 G (Pickerington OH) All Ohio Red, Wendell Green Jr 5’11 G (Detroit Co MI) MI Playmakers, Jamari Sibley 6’9 F  (Milwakee WI) Playground Warriors , Brandon Weston 6’4 G (Delafield WI) PSA Cardinals, Michael Suanders Jr 5’11 G (Indianapolis IN) G3 Grind








Class of 2019 All Midwest Spring/Summer Teams

First Team

Jeremiah Robinson -Earl 6’9 F (Mission KS) KC Run GMC

Mathew Hurt 6’9 F (Rochester MN) D1 MN

Patrick McCaffery 6’8 SF (Iowa City IA) IA Barnstormers

Zach Harvey 6’5 G (Topeka KS) KC Run GMC

Keion Brooks  6’8 SF (Fort Wayne IN) Speice Heat EYBL


Second Team

Jeremiah Francis 6’3 G (Pickerington OH) Indi Elite

Alonzo Gaffney 6’8 SF ( Cleveland OH) OBC

Romeo Weems 6’6 SF (New Haven MI) The Family

Kahlil Whitney 6’7 G (Chicago IL) Mac Irvin Fire

Francis Okoro 6’9 F (Normal IL) Bradley Beal Elite EYBL


3rd Team

Malik Hall 6’7 G (Chicago IL) MOKAN EYBL

Taylor Currie 6’9 F (Clarkston MI) All Ohio Red

EJ Liddell 6’7 F (Belleville IL)   Bradley Beal Elite EYBL

Trayce Jackson- Davis 6’9 (Greenwood IN) Team Teague

Mark Watts Jr 6’2 G (Detroit MI) The Family


4th Team

Markese Jacobs 5’11 G (Chicago IL) Mac Irvin Fire

Mario McKinney 6’2 G (St. Louis MO) Bradley Beal Elite

 Terry Armstrong 6’6 G (Flint MI) The Elite 

David Roddy 6’5 SF (Minneapolis MN) Howard Pulley EYBL

Nobal Days 6’8 F (Racine WI) WI Playground Elite


5th Team

Tyrell Terry 6’2 G (Minneapolis MN) D1 MN

 Jordan Mitchell 6’7 G (Columbus OH) All Ohio Red

Roman Wilson 6’10 F (Kansas City MO) MOKAN EYBL

Isiaih Mosley 6’6 G (Columbia MO) MOKAN 

DJ Carton 6’1 G (Bettendorf IA) Quad City Elite

Honorable Mention

Derek Krogmann 6’7 F (West Delaware IA) IA Barnstormers , Amari Davis 6’3 G (Dayton OH) All Ohio Red,Marcus Domask 6’5 G WI RAS, Brison Waller 6’9 F (Cleveland OH) OBC, Keeshawn Chambers 6’6 F (Chicago IL) Meanstreets, Marquise Walker 6’0 G (Westchester IL) Mac Irvin Fire, Ty Freeman 6’5 SF (Springfield MO) MOKAN Tyler Wahl 6’5 SF (Lakeville MN) D1 MN, Josh Earley 6’6 F (Overland Park KS) KC Run GMC, Courtney Brown Jr 6’6 SF (Woodbury MN) Howard Pulley EYBL


Class of 2018 All Midwest Spring/Summer Teams

1st Team

Tre Jones 6’2 PG (Apple Valley MN) Howard Pulley EYBL

Darius Garland 6’2 G ( Gary IN) Bradley Beal Elite 

Joey Hauser 6’8 SF ( Stevens Point WI) IA Barnstormers

Romeo Langford 6’5 SG (New Albany IN) Twenty Two Vision 

Jontay Porter 6’9 F (Columbia MO) MOKAN


2nd Team

Ayo Dosunmu 6’3 G (Chicago IL) Mac Irvin Fire

Foster Loyer 5’10 PG (Clarkston MI) All Ohio Red

Joe Wieskamp 6’6 G (Muscatine IA) IA Barnstomers

Courtney Ramey 6’4 G (St. Louis MO) Ramey United 

Darius Bazley 6’8 SF (Cincinnati OH) Meanstreets


3rd Team

Jerome Hunter 6’7 F (Pickerington OH) OH NOVA

Daniel Oturu 6’9 F (St. Paul MN) Howard Pulley EYBL

Torrence Watson 6’4 SG (St. Louis MO) Ramey United

Tyger Campbell 5’11 PG (La Porte IN) Indy Speice EYBL

Dwayne Cohill 6’4 CG (Cleveland OH) OBC


4th Team

Race Thompson 6’7 SF (Plymouth MN) D1 MN

Tim Finke 6’7 SG (Champaign IL) Meanstreets EYBL

AJ Green 6’3 PG (Cedar Falls IA) IA Barnstomers

Gabe Kalscheur 6’4 SG (Edina MN) Howard Pulley EYBL

Talen Horton-Tucker 6’4 SG (Chicago IL) Team Rose


5th Team

Jarvis Thomas 6’7 F (Orono MN) Howard Pulley EYBL

Brandon Johns 6’8 F (Grand Rapids MI) Indy Speice EYBL

Jericolle Hellems 6’7 WG ( St. Louis MO) Bradley Beal Elite

Carlos Curtis 6’2 G (Milwaukee WI) Playground Elite

Jordan McCabe 5’11 PG (Kaukauna WI) Playground Warriors


Honorable Mention

Tyler Herro 6’5 SG (Milwaukee WI) Playground Elite, Ed Chang 6’8 SF (Omaha NE) IA Barnstomers, Maurice Commander 6’0 G (Chcago IL) IL Y&R, Erick Hunter 6’3 G (Indianapolis IN) , Duane Washington 6’4 G (Grand Rapids MI) The Family , Tyrese Haliburton 6’6 G (Oshkosh WI) WI United ,Christain Bishop 6’7 SF (Lees Summit MO) Team Rush, Damezi Anderson 6’7 G (South Bend IN) Meanstreets, Robert Phinisee 5’11 G (Lafayette IN) Indi Elite, Tyreese Davis 6’7 SG (Wichita KS) KC Run CMC, Jordan Lathon 6’4 G (Grandview MO) Team Rush, Zion Griffen 6’5 SF (Darien IL) Brandon Wade 6’1 PG (Ann Arbor MI) 1Nation, Dane Goodwin 6’4 SG (Columbus OH) All Ohio Red, Musa Jallow 6’5 SG (Indianapolis IN) Team Blaze Select




KC Fall Ball Top 30 Alumni List


KC Fall Ball Top 30 Alumni List 

2017 Darien Jackson G  Overland Park KS (Tulsa)

2017 JaMichael Morgan G Overland Park KS

2017 Demarco Smith PG Kansas City MO (UMKC)

2017 Jacob Gilyard PG Kansas City MO (Richmond)

2017 Destan Williams PG St. Louis MO

2017 Marques Wilson G Edmond OK (Lehigh)

2017 Jared Ridder G Springfield MO (Xavier)

2017 Isaiah Sears F Kansas City MO

2017 Houston Johnson F Springfield MO

2017 Elijah Childs F Lees Summit MO (Bradley)

2017 Chidozie Ndu F Sunrise Christian KS (Sam Houston)

2017 Tray Buchanan G Des Moines IA (North Dakota)

2017 Angelo Allegri F Kansas City MO

2018 Israel Barnes G Wichita KS

2018 Monty Johal G Springfield MO

2018 Jontay Porter F Columbia MO (Missouri)

2018 Shaun Williams G St. Louis MO

2018 Bol Bol F Los Angeles CA

2018 Saadique Perkins G Kansas City MO

2018 Keenan Fitzmorris F St. James Academy KS (Stanford)

2018 Tyreese Davis G Life Prep KS

2018 Jal Bijiek F Des Monies IA

2019 Zach Harvey G Topeka KS

2019 Lamel Robinson G Kansas City MO

2019 Mario McKinney G St. Louis MO

2019 Isiaih Mosley G Columbia MO

2019 Roman Wilson F Kansas City MO

2019 Ty Freeman G Springfield MO

2019 Tyreke Locure G Des Monies IA

2019 Josh Earley F Overland Park KS

Omaha Super 70 Top 2020/2021 Prospects


Northern Exposure Preps first annual Omaha Super 70 Showcase hosted a great deal of talent from six states across the Midwest. Here is a look at the top young prospects from this year’s Super 70 Showcase.

2020 KT Raimey 6’3 Olathe KS

Raimey was the most impressive prospect at the Omaha Super 70 while playing up with the older group , dominating on both ends from start to finish. Raimey toyed with defenders making it look easy on offense finishing in double figures each game while shooting a very high percentage.  Raimey proved he is an elite prospect who should continue to see his name pop up in national top 150 conversation this summer.

2020 Ty Hahn 6’3 Johnson NE

Hahn played up with the older group and looked very comfortable doing so. Hahn is a athletic guard who possesses a high basketball IQ and sweet jumper. He looked comfortable playing both guard spots and has the potential be be a lockdown defender.  Hahn consistently competed and showed why he is considered one of the top 2020’s in NE.

2020 Latrell Wrightsell 5’10 Omaha NE

Wrightsell put on a shooting exhibition in his first two games knocking down multiple deep 3’s from out to 30ft.  Wrightsell also played up with the older group and looked great in the half-court breaking down defenders and getting to the rim with ease.

2020 Khayden Hooks 5’10 Lees Summit MO

Hooks played up with the older group and showed why he is considered one of the top young guards in the KC area scoring from long range and consistently making the correct basketball play.  Hooks is a tough competitor who plays a winning brand of basketball.

2020 Jay Saunders 5’10 Omaha NE

Saunders had a really good day playing up with the older guys and proving he is definitely one of the top 2020s in Omaha with his versatile offense skills and smooth demeanor.  Saunders can knock down the deep ball and also get to the rim at will.

2020 Jordan Merseth 6’5 Mankato MN 

Merseth is a big body who rebounds ,plays solid post defense and knows his role on the offensive end. Merseth ran the court well and showed touch around the rim.

2020 Xavier Watts 6’0 Omaha NE

Watts was one of the best athletes at this years Omaha Super 70.  A jack of all trades, multi sport player who can guard multiple positions and rebounds very well for a perimeter player.

2020 Markell Hood 6’5 Overland Park KS

Hood started off the day slow adjusting to playing with the older group but came on strong towards the end of camp putting up big scoring numbers in his last 2 games.  Hood showed he can knock down jumpers from 17-22ft and finish at the rim consistently.

2021 Chucky Hepburn 5’10 Bellevue NE

Hepburn came into the event with a fair amount of hype and the young PG lived up to it and showed why many consider him the top prospect in the NE 2021 class.  Hepburn was able to get to the rim with ease consistently all camp putting up big scoring numbers.  Hepburn has a very mature skill set and confidence to his game for a young PG.

2021 Maijhe Wiley 5’11 Omaha NE 

Wiley looked good scoring in transition and taking defenders off the dribble from the wing. Wiley was able to get easy buckets running the court , grabbing offensive rebounds and put backs.

2020 Payton Johnson 6’6 Omaha NE

Johnson was one of the most consistent players at the event showcasing great fundamentals for a young forward and great touch out to 17ft. Johnson has the potential to develop into one of the top forwards in NE down the road .

2020 Jamison Helmers 5’10 Milford IA

Helmers had an outstanding day on the offensive end finishing as a top 10 scorer in the younger group.  Helmers also looked good as a facilitator especially in transition where he did most of his damage during the event.

2020 Gregory Bryant 6’0 Bellevue NE 

Bryant was excellent during the skills session showcasing solid fundamentals and a smooth offensive skill set. Byrant finished well in transition and showed nice touch out to 19ft.

2021 Kaden Glynn 6’1 Johnson NE

Glynn is a tough nosed kid who can really shoot the ball from deep and showcased excellent ball handling skills during the event. Glynn looked very comfortable with the ball either setting teammates up for easy looks or creating his own offense.

2020 Trey Knudsen 5’9 Gretna NE

Trey was one of the most entertaining players at the Super 70 and don’t let his size fool you, this kid has big time offensive skills and tons of confidence.  Knudsen also proved to be one of the better ball handlers in the younger group always finding team mates in the right spot.

2020 Nate Sullivan 6’0 Bellevue NE

Sullivan is a smooth combo guard who can really shoot it from 17 to 22ft.  He never played out of control and seemed to make his team mates better while on the floor.

2020 Tyrece Griggs 5’10 Omaha NE

Griggs proved to be one of the better athletes in the younger group consistently beating opponents down the floor for easy buckets.  Griggs also rebounded extremely well for a guard and showed some defensive potential.

2020 John Shanklin 6’6 Bellevue NE

Shanklin was one of the big surprises at the Omaha Super 70.  He has only played basketball for a couple years and if improving at a rapid rate.  Shanklin has a big time frame and looks like he could still grow and inch or two.  Still a very raw prospect at this stage; Shanklin is  oozing with potential and should develop into a nice prospect.

2022 Jasen Green 6’3 Omaha NE

Green was the youngest prospect in attendance and that did not stop him from putting up 20+ points in each of his first two games at the event.  Green has the chance to become a high level prospect down the road and is still raw at this stage but no question the kid is a talent and could have a major impact in NE for years to come.

2020 Zach LaFave 6’3 Elkhorn NE

LaFave was one of the top competitors at the event constantly running on both ends, rebounding at a high rate and knocking down jumpers.  His motor and offensive set are  impressive for a young SF prospect.

2020 Trey Hepburn 5’10 Bellevue NE

Hepburn is a tough combo guard who can get buckets from all over the court.   Hepburn was hot from deep connecting on multiple 3’s from 22ft. Trey also showed the ability to create for team mates of the dribble and in transition.

2020 Davy Hosea 5’10 Apple Valley MN

Hosea proved to be one of the top floor generals in the younger group setting up team mates in the half court for easy buckets and also knocking down deep 3s.  Hosea played with a ton of savvy and showed great poise for a young PG.

2020 Trevor Lampkin 5’11 Omaha NE

Lampkin showed that he can knock down 3’s off the catch and create in transition.  Lampkin took advantage of his opportunities playing with a loaded group of guards on his squad.

2022 Tamin Lipsey 6’1 Ames IA

Lipsey aka Mr. Hustle lived up to his nick name showcasing one of the best motors at camp.  Lipsey was great in transition both as a facilitator and finisher.  Only an 8th grader, he plays a very mature brand of ball with his IQ and work ethic .

2021 Ryan Blum 6’2 Glenwood IA

Blum was one of the top shooters at the event and proved to more a very versatile wing prospect. Blum connected on multiple deep 3’s and showed he can take defenders off the dribble with ease. Blum has the size and  skill set to develop into a very good 2G prospect.

2021 Carter Glynn 5’10 Johnson NE

Carter Glynn was a late addition to the event and proved to be a very good one showcasing his skills as a very solid lead guard prospect. Glenn has a very good basketball IQ and knows when to score it and when and how to get his teammates involved.